In this series of in-depth reports, we explore some of Accelerate Institute’s key principles for transformational school leadership that have been developed over 30 years of work training high-performing leaders who deliver equity in education.

Advancing Equity in Schools: From Replicating Inequities to Eliminating Them

This new report from Accelerate Institute looks at the equity work being done in schools across the U.S. right now—and what school leaders can learn to get it right.

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Driven By Learning

Driven by Learning: How the Forcing Function Pushes Schools Toward Excellence

Authored by Accelerate Institute, this in-depth report examines how schools can leverage the Forcing Function system to drive school change. The Forcing Function system includes a main school goal around student achievement, a Primary Metric to monitor progress toward the goal, and a set of structures and norms that “force” the school to analyze what is and isn’t working and create action steps.

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Hyper Focus: How to Transform Schools

Accelerate Institute takes an in-depth look at Hyper Focus and how the 80/20 rule can be effective in elevating school performance.

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