Accelerate Framework

Case Study

The Accelerate Framework is the core methodology that serves as the foundation of Accelerate Institute’s work closing the achievement gap. By moving through the Framework objectives, educators from around the country implement the proven approach for driving ongoing results at their schools.

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Accelerate Framework Overview

This one-page PDF is a great way to keep the rationale for the Accelerate Institute Framework at-the-ready in your office. These key points act as reminders when you are making tough decisions and need to prioritize your focus.

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Change Management

Accelerate Framework: Change Management

Here is a snapshot of the six Objectives of the Accelerate Framework and how they help guide the transformation of schools: Change Management, High-Performing Team, Constructive Environment, Aspirational Environment, Data-Driven Culture and Black-Belt Teaching. This visual can be kept at-the-ready to help you remember the key objectives that a school must achieve in order to close the achievement gap for students.

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Accelerate Framework: Drivers

This is a perfect roadmap for leaders and anyone who wishes to measure up their school to a proven approach that has delivered impressive results for countless schools across the U.S. Keep this chart at-the-ready in your office and review the objectives and drivers to make sure your school—and your plan—are on track. 

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Transformational Leaders

Accelerate Framework: Transformational Leaders

What types of characteristics do truly transformational leaders possess? Download this poster, and you’ll have a handy reference that illustrates the 8 characteristics needed to be a transformational leader, along with descriptions giving you more insight into what each characteristic means. 

Download Accelerate Framework: Transformational Leaders

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