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    Welcome to the Colorado
    Leadership Academy

Please read before you start

Approved LEAs/schools will need to apply for grant funding through the Colorado Department of Education. Participants will also need to submit an application here. If you are looking for the national Leadership Academy page instead, click here.

Give your leadership team the strategies they need to support your vision and mission…

Accelerate Institute is proud to partner with the Colorado Department of Education to support its Turnaround Leadership Development initiative through the CO EASI (Empowering Action for School Improvement) grant.

No single leader can close the achievement gap alone—high-performing schools are the result of an entire team of leaders working in tandem towards a common goal. However, many school leaders and leadership team members never receive formal training on how to lead schoolwide systems, structures, and teams.

The Leadership Academy exists to support all levels of school leadership (principals, assistant principals, deans, etc.) in developing the leadership and management skills they need right now to boost their school's performance. It starts with a rigorous 4-day bootcamp in Chicago. After attending the bootcamp, participants will deepen and apply their learning through Accelerate Online, an online learning platform.

Participants will have a recommended schedule for completing these learning modules throughout the 2019-20 year, but the timeline can be customized based on school leaders' schedules. Each module will have opportunities to apply the learnings and then participants will receive feedback.

The Leadership Academy has honestly been the best professional development I have been to in my career. It was so relevant to my work, and I took away so many tangible things that I can implement at my school.

    -Masrura Faruque, Chicago, Illinois

Why choose the Leadership Academy?

Accelerate Institute’s Colorado Leadership Academy program is a 1-year program focused on the strategies school leaders need right now to boost their leadership and management practices. The program will help leaders think about school systems as a whole and backwards-map how to design their team structures, data management systems, and priorities so they can effectively support their teams towards meeting academic and cultural outcomes.

Participants will develop concrete, actionable ideas and enhanced skills they can use to better support their schools, directly impact student achievement, and build/refine the skills necessary to be transformational school leaders.

The Leadership Academy was created to close the achievement gap in urban education by delivering immediate value for principals, leadership team members and partner organizations:

The Colorado Leadership Academy…

  • encourages deep understanding of how to use the Accelerate Framework to assess your school and develop a highly focused strategic plan

  • delivers practical, day-to-day strategies for improving leadership skills by examining your school-system as a whole

  • is grounded in a cohort experience


  • Change Management and Strategic Planning

  • Leading effective teams and managing staff

  • Building a productive and aspirational student culture

  • Managing a data-driven culture

  • Developing a teacher support cycle (professional development, coaching and data analysis)

Leadership team members use the Accelerate Framework to assess their school’s strengths and growth opportunities. Each participant then identifies specific action steps to execute with their team in the coming year.

Additional information to know before you apply:

  • 4-Day Bootcamp: July 20-23 in Chicago, IL

  • Accelerate Online (virtual): 7 online learning modules with corresponding feedback on your practice/application; taken throughout the 2019-20 academic year

  • Cost: $6,350 (includes airfare, hotel, and airport transfers)

Application deadline:

April 30, 2019