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The School Accelerator

The School Accelerator

The School Accelerator: Accelerating the growth of current school principals and school leadership teams 

Inspired by the approach that is the hallmark of the most successful start-ups and turnarounds, the School Accelerator is an investment in focused change management. It is an outcomes-based approach proven to drive results and invests in talent at all levels to cultivate both the mindset and skillset needed to successfully manage through change.

Traditionally school leaders are trained to focus on inputs (teacher actions) before outcomes (student growth and results). Accelerate Institute flips this thinking and trains principals to first look at student outcomes as the primary means to drive instructional effectiveness for classrooms, grade levels, and schools.

  • Summer Institute to provide an academic foundation

  • Strategic planning exercises to set up success

  • Creation of outcome management systems at the school

  • Leaders and their teams have weekly and monthly engagement with Accelerate Institute Advisors

School Accelerator Leaders are uniquely trained in the following ways: 

  • Strategic Planning: start with a strategic plan based on opportunities and challenges of the school and proven practices

  • Visibility and Accountability: centers on proactive measurement and iteration, constantly asking the question, “Is it working?”

  • Shortened Data Cycles: weekly feedback on whether students are learning which allows principals to enable remediation and continuous teaching improvement

  • Course Correction: monthly one-on-one Advisory sessions help principals determine what is/is not working and develop proactive course correction for students and teachers while there is still time to make adjustments before high-stakes assessments

  • Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement: develop a schoolwide culture for students, teachers, and staff steeped in the value of continuous learning and growth

How does the School Accelerator work?

  • Experts conduct school visits 3 times/year over a 3-year period to create a baseline and establish goals

Academic foundation 
  • Focus on implementation of best practices 

  • Develop management capabilities to drive organizational change, utilizing high-output management tools adapted from Andrew Grove’s highly-acclaimed book 

  • 3-year support model 

Ongoing meetings
  • Implement Compstat management approach, productivity is measured and individuals are held accountable

  • Monthly cohort meetings led by Hall of Fame urban school leaders

  • Individual advisor assigned for additional support

  • Accelerate Institute identifies champion investors to fund the full cost of the program ($250,000 per school)

The best. Bar none…This training was tailored specifically to me and my school’s needs. It set the entire year up for success!

- Kaylee Jackson, Carmen Middle School of Science and Technology—Northwest Campus

Who benefits from the School Accelerator?

  • School Principals: Develops a school leader’s knowledge and skills in accelerating academic growth

  • Principal Managers/CMO Executive Directors: Levels up the ability to manage and support school leaders by creating alignment with the team and their plans

  • Leadership Team: Elevates their ability to accelerate academic growth

School Accelerator Principals across the United States 

Accelerate Institute has supported more than 30 principals through targeted region-based programming with the School Accelerator. The School Accelerator supports these principals for three years to ensure their success as transformational school leaders.




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