Invest in one, educate many

What happens in schools matters profoundly

Demographics are not destiny. And schools can make all the difference. There are proof points of high-performing, high-poverty schools that have bridged the achievement gap and established and maintained a record of success. It is time to replicate and disseminate the success of these schools. 

Accelerate Institute offers an opportunity to energize urban schools with high-impact leaders who will accelerate student achievement.

Your investment creates a multiplier effect

Accelerate Institute is dedicated to bringing transformational leadership to our nation’s schools as the most critical strategy to close the achievement gap. By supporting Accelerate Institute, you're helping to develop even more transformational leaders who will influence dozens of teachers—who will then, in turn, impact hundreds of students every year, adding up to thousands of students over a decade:

The Funding Model  

To sustain our mission, Accelerate Institute has a revenue mix of earned revenue (paid by partner organizations who hire our talent) and philanthropy (which funds our ongoing operations and allows us to expand).

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Ways to give

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