Dr. Catherine Burns Hosts Virtual Workshop on Conducting Instructional Walkthroughs for Remote Learning

Dr. Catherine Burns Hosts Virtual Workshop on Conducting Instructional Walkthroughs for Remote Learning

Accelerate Institute Chief Academic Officer Dr. Catherine Burns recently hosted the virtual workshop “Maintaining Quality Learning in Remote Environments.”

With the current school year unfolding amid the pandemic, schools across the nation have now turned to remote learning—either entirely, or to supplement a hybrid approach paired with in-classroom instruction. Providing continued access to an equitable education amid remote learning is of vital importance for urban educators, as studies show minority students are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19-driven learning loss.

According to McKinsey & Company, a hiatus on in-classroom instruction—or a learning experience as effective as in-classroom instruction—through January 2021 would result in an estimated 10.3 and 9.2 months of learning loss for Black and Hispanic students, respectively. That’s compared to just 6 months for white students.

To combat learning loss, Dr. Burns’s virtual workshop explored how school leaders can adapt traditional instructional walkthroughs for the remote setting to ensure students have continued access to an equitable education under the unprecedented circumstances of the current school year.

“Navigating this current environment is challenging to say the least, and what we’ve been… thinking a lot about here is how none of us have ever done this before,” Dr. Burns explained. “And so we want to take the opportunity with this workshop to highlight some practices that leaders within our program have been implementing and share them with you… so that you can learn from that [to] help improve and transform your own schools.”

Dr. Burns looked to insights from five Accelerate Institute partner educators in order to help provide the remote learning template to which other educators can turn for providing a quality learning experience at their schools.

“Maintaining Quality Learning in Remote Environments” also featured insights on how school leaders can leverage learnings from the latest report from Accelerate Institute, Driven by Learning, to establish a goal management system for data-driven progress monitoring in the remote environment.

After viewing the one-hour-long workshop, educators should then be prepared to:

  • understand what data to collect in a remote setting to drive decisions;
  • gain a vision for what tools and processes to use for conducting highly-effective instructional walkthroughs in a remote setting;
  • and create an action plan to improve data usage and conduct virtual walkthroughs in a remote setting.

Watch “Maintaining Quality Learning in Remote Environments” on replay below:

Download the documents and tools from the Workshop here