Welcoming Our Newest Allies in Delivering Educational Equity to Accelerate Institute Programming

July 19, 2021

Over summer break, school leaders often feel as if there just isn’t enough time. As soon as the school year ends, it’s already time to start planning for the upcoming year—and there’s always so much to cover.

With the unprecedented safety, equity, and growth recovery efforts to strategize around for the 2021-2022 school year, leaders face more operational, academic, and school culture considerations than ever before. By seeking out professional development and support within this unprecedented window of COVID-19 and social strife, educators are demonstrating their unwavering commitment to the development of our youth.

This summer, Accelerate Institute is primed to host nearly 60 leaders through our respective core programs, The School Growth Accelerator and Leadership Academy, in order to aid them and help prepare for the work of this coming year.

A key component of our approach to building partnerships and initiating new skill development for leaders today is the delivery each year of our Accelerate Summer Institute.

As principals, APs, deans, and coaches retool and recharge for their next year of plan execution, our goal during Summer Institute is to assist these leaders in internalizing the systems and practices of high-performing schools, and to help them make sense of these practices in their own context. Accelerate Institute is incredibly proud to be supporting so many amazing district, CMO, and school leaders across the country during this critical time.

Program overview: School Growth Accelerator

We are excited to welcome eight Chicago-area district and charter campuses as partners in the School Growth Accelerator. These schools were selected from a competitive pool of applicants seeking to take part in our three-year program. Under the program, principals are partnered with a highly-skilled advisor and receive supports that help to bolster long-term school- and network-driven goal achievement, in addition to personalized development.

In the School Growth Accelerator, principals and leadership team members are taking part in our two-week virtual Summer Institute. Summer Institute is the stepping-off point for these leaders, their teams, and their supervisors to learn about our Accelerate Framework and to finalize strategies for the coming year.

For our 2021 cohort, we are proud to partner with
the following school leaders:


Marquita Curry


KIPP Ascend Primary Upper

KIPP Public Charter Schools


Latasha Geverola


DePriest Elementary

CPS Network 3


Anita Hernandez


Schubert Elementary

CPS Network 3


Melinda Jean-Baptiste


Acero Idár

Acero Schools Chicago


Kim Kays


Erie Elementary Charter School


JW Kuebler


CICS Irving Park

Distinctive Charter Network


Jasmine Morales


Perspectives Middle Academy

Perspective Charter Schools


Vicki Tsirtsis


Acero Fuentes

Acero Schools Chicago

Program overview: Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy, which encompasses several different cohorts, is the umbrella for our programs that support full school leadership teams and individuals who serve as leadership team members to receive training and extended advisory that heighten their skill and coordination in school system oversight. The Leadership Academy Summer Institute is the stepping-off point for these leaders to learn about our Accelerate Framework and to create a strategic plan for the coming year.

Through Leadership Academy, we have the pleasure of supporting 48 participants from 14 cities across the U.S. Our Leadership Academy participants do amazing work within the charter, private, and district school space.

We have an awesome group of leaders joining us for the 5-day Leadership Academy Summer Institute through partnerships with Teach For America Greater Chicago-Northwest IndianaTeach For America OhioNew Schools for New Orleans, and the Accelerate Institute community. These leaders will leave Summer Institute with a strategic plan for the coming year.

We kick off our year-long Leadership Bridge cohort at Summer Institute. Through our partnership with The Chicago Public Education Fund, we are working with APs and their principals to ensure they are on track to be "principal ready" and that principals are being thoughtful about succession planning.  

Our newly-developed Accelerate Ignite program is launching with four great partner schools. Our Ignite program will have a special focus on equity and academic recovery efforts post-remote learning.

Ready to do the work

All of us here at Accelerate Institute are incredibly excited to start the summer strong alongside our partner school principals and leadership team members who are preparing for the coming year.

Our advisors and extended staff have learned a lot from the ingenuity and resilience of students, teachers, and school leaders this past year. While the coming year pledges to be another difficult one, we are inspired by the efforts of these stakeholders.

We are matching their energy in our summer offerings and look forward to what our combined energy can produce on behalf of the students we serve!

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