6 Data Points We’re Celebrating from 2016

Dec 23, 2016
Kyle Smucker
Analytics and Communication Coordinator, Accelerate Institute

Our leaders are a community of change agents. As a part of this community - whether you are a first year Ryan Fellow in the field, or an experienced Accelerator principal transforming your school - you share in our collective successes and challenges.

As we wrap up 2016, the Accelerate Institute community has a lot to celebrate. More Accelerator principals and Ryan Fellows than ever are successfully closing the achievement gap across the country, using our Accelerate Framework as a guide to creating transformational change in their schools. Let’s come together to celebrate the impact our community had on thousands of students in 2016!

 We’re celebrating six data points that show the impact of our community of leaders:

  1. Scope: Our community of leaders continues to grow
  2. Academic Growth: Students are surpassing their goals
  3. Year Over Year Improvement: Our supported schools continue to improve over time
  4. Principal Retention: Principals in our community stay at their schools longer
  5. Closing the Gap: Students are closing academic gaps
  6. Leveling Up: Supported schools are receiving higher state rankings

1. Scope

First, looking at our scope. In 2012-13, we supported a total of 6 principals. Today, we have trained 59 school leaders through the Ryan Fellowship and The Accelerator, impacting over 18,273 students this year.













2. Academic Growth

What impact have these leaders had on their students? We know students at Ryan Fellow led elementary and middle schools surpass their reading and math growth goals, while high schools surpass their local school districts on the ACT.




3. Year Over Year Improvement

What’s more, Ryan Fellow led schools continue to academically accelerate, with students in Ryan Fellow led schools growing 25% faster since their first year led by a Fellow.



4. Principal Retention

We are focusing on principal retention with our growing pool of alumni. We found that Ryan Fellow principals are 18% more likely to remain at their school than the average first year charter principal.



5. Closing the Gap

Our Accelerator program has seen success, with students closing an average 2 month learning gap in reading and math assessments.



 6. Leveling Up

Additionally, we’re proud of two Accelerator principals with the Catalyst Schools in Chicago, who “leveled up” their schools during our program and earned top ratings from Chicago Public Schools. 


Of course, there is a lot more to celebrate outside of quantitative data. From innovative learning models to unique aspirational school cultures, our leaders show that their academic results are just the tip of the iceberg. And it all happens thanks to transformational leaders!

Kyle handles data collection and analysis for the recruitment and assessment of Accelerate Institute program members, as well managing our social media platforms. Prior to this, Kyle worked as an intern at LIFT in Washington, D.C., a social service non-profit with locations around the U.S. Kyle’s lifelong interest in income inequality and data-driven strategies to combat poverty lead to his move from Ohio to Chicago to work with Accelerate Institute.
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