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Professional learning for this generation of school leaders. 

In the years since the pandemic, academic outcomes — particularly those in schools predominantly serving low-income students and students of color — have significantly decreased.

School leaders will play a critical role in turning the impact of the pandemic around to shift the trajectory for our most vulnerable students.

School leaders must be effective people managers, instructional leaders, and culture creators who are also well-versed in crisis and change management. However, far too often, leaders are not given the management skills and tools they need to be successful and increase student success.

School leaders — both new and veteran — need and want leadership and management training, coaching, and a group of likeminded educators to learn from. But, unfortunately, their capacity to participate in the pre-pandemic programming format is not possible given new demands on their time. 

The rising challenges in the education sector post-pandemic have added complexity to leadership development work and caused our team at Accelerate Institute to pause and ask ourselves, “What are the biggest challenges facing school leaders right now and can we discover a solution that truly meets their needs?”

We have pivoted our programming to meet these challenges. In July 2023, we launched the Accelerate Membership, which encapsulates our leadership development expertise. The content and support Accelerate Members receive are specifically designed to address common problems faced by individuals or teams who are new to their roles. 

Member feedback is integral to our success to ensure that our solution is one school leaders want and will use. Our members say our content and coaching are second to none and the application exercises can be applied in their role immediately. What they wanted more of was examples from other principals and additional resources.  

We’re thrilled to welcome Accelerate Institute Community members to participate in our new Leaders in Action video series to share their real-world applications of the learnings from the Accelerate Membership at their schools. 

Accelerate Membership Alumni Contributors

Kimbra McBride, CAO, Promise Academy Charter Schools (Memphis)

To help make sure school leaders can unlock all of the immense value of their Accelerate Membership, Ryan Fellow Kimbra McBride was kind enough to offer her time to create an absolutely superb video on her real-world application in Pathway 1, “Managing Competing Priorities,” for the course, “Mastering the Art of Prioritization.”

In this highly informative case study, Kimbra delves into how this course, which includes powerful lessons on topics like delegating within your team and knowing when to say “no,” helped her level up her prioritization skills to achieve her goals as CAO of Promise Academy Charter Schools.

Thank you, Kimbra, for sharing your perspective and experience! 

JW KueblerJW Kuebler, Principal, CICS Irving Park (Chicago)

Managing competing priorities as a leader is a skill that will lead to sustainability in the role. One of the keys to unlocking priority management is understanding how to share responsibility across the leadership team. 

Growth Accelerator member JW Kuebler, principal at CICS Irving Park, has gathered his experiences and resources to share with our membership community. His session and downloadable tools add value to the course, “Shared Responsibility: Whose Job is it Anyway?” from Pathway 1, “Managing Competing Priorities.”     

Eva Flores-Koops, Principal, Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy 4 (Los Angeles)

Supporting and managing your human capital is part of the principal role you don’t learn in your credentialing program. However, we have never seen a leader succeed without effective strategies to build a strong staff culture. 

In “Leader Vulnerability to Nurture Trust,” Ryan Fellow Eva Flores-Koops, principal of Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy 4, explores how the concept of relational attunement can help school leaders forge strong relationships in their buildings. Her lesson and resources are part of Pathway 4, “Leading People and Teams,” for the course “4 Steps to Give Behavior Changing Feedback.” Thank you for taking the time to share this knowledge, Principal Flores-Koops! 

Big thanks, also, to Valor Collegiate Academies, which supported Eva and her team for this initiative with their Powered by Compass program! 

Owen Ricciardi, Principal, Mastery Charter Schools – Thomas Campus (Philadelphia)

Proven methods to recruit, hire, and onboard high-performing team members are priceless. As the hiring season revs up, school leaders are retooling their hiring processes so they can attract and retain the best staff. 

That’s why Ryan Fellow Owen Ricciardi, principal of Mastery Charter Schools – Thomas Campus, shared his depth of experience and strategies to “Get the Right Team on the Field,” a course in Pathway 3, “Building your High-Performing Team.” Thank you, Owen! These resources are hitting just in time. 

Dr. Rasheedah Cooperwood Jemison, Principal, Riverview K-8 School (Memphis)

Being a school leader is often an incredibly demanding and isolating job. No matter how strong your vision is as a leader, the truth is: none of us can make it all happen on our own.

That’s why Ryan Fellow Dr. Rasheedah Cooperwood Jemison, principal at Riverview K-8 School (Shelby County Schools), is sharing her recent learnings on the importance of professional development for bolstering school leadership teams. Her case study on the course “The Trick to Faster People Development,” from Pathway 4 “Leading People and Teams” of the Accelerate Membership, is a must-watch!

Thank you for supporting school leaders and their teams by sharing your insights, Rasheedah!

Ryan Fellow alumni and Growth Accelerator principals, we applaud you! Thank you for playing an instrumental role in supporting transformational school leaders who make sure all students get the education they deserve.

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