Accelerate Institute

A Message From Accelerate Institute CEO Nora Ligurotis on the Recent Events in Our Country

June 5, 2020

Dear Accelerate Institute Community,

In the last few days, racism and the result of many years of inequity in our country have been brought, once again, to the forefront. At this moment we want to say that we hold true to our value of Equity and Inclusion: “We value all dimensions of diversity and seek to model the fairness and justice that we want to see in the world.”

We are an anti-racist organization of people who are committed to anti-racist activism and we stand in alliance with the Black Lives Matter movement.

The day-to-day work we do has a positive impact on progress toward realizing true equity and inclusion for the black and brown students and families we serve. We don’t have all the answers, and we have more work to do. We are fully committed to reflecting on a personal and organizational level to ensure we are consistently acting with anti-racist efforts.

We acknowledge the extent racism in America affects our school communities and the challenge faced in leading them forward. We also want to recognize it affects our leaders of color on a personal level. As an extension of the support we have been able to provide during the pandemic, we want to elevate our responsiveness to their needs even further to heal, restore, and come together on behalf of our students and communities.

Despite the pain we see all around us, we cannot and will not lose hope. We must work to make sure our children grow up in a world that is fair and provides the same opportunities for all.


Nora Ligurotis, CEO