Intended Impact and Theory of Change

All K-12 students will have equal access to high-quality education and be on grade level

Effective Implementation of Data Systems

Leadership Development

Influence Through Thought Leadership

Accelerate Institute is disrupting the status quo by training school leaders to systemically transform schools into healthy, safe environments that are culturally relevant and centered on student learning outcomes—and giving every child a chance.

We develop urban K-12 school principals and leadership team members to become high-impact educators so they can deliver the equitable education our nation’s underserved youth deserve.



Developing school leadership teams to close the achievement gap

Provides practical day-to-day strategies to improve leadership practice in schools for principals, assistant principals, deans, and other leadership team members in order to improve teachers’ instructional practice and positively impact academic outcomes.


Accelerate Institute

Accelerating the growth of schools through leadership and systems development

Designed to train school principals and their leadership teams in high-output management strategies and tactics to accelerate the academic achievement of underperforming schools.


Whether you’re a principal looking to explore the ways other principals have closed the achievement gap, or a supporter who wants to see how the Accelerate Framework works, it’s all in here.


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Accelerate Institute Alumni Pay It Forward!

Professional learning for this generation of school leaders.  In the years since the pandemic, academic outcomes — particularly those in schools predominantly serving low-income students and students of color — have significantly decreased. School leaders will play a critical role in turning the impact of the pandemic around to shift the trajectory for our most […]

Emotional Intelligence, Community, and Motivation: Ryan Award Winner Joán Álvarez on Post-Pandemic Student Success

Joán Álvarez is a firm believer in the grit and perseverance of first-generation college students. So much so, in fact, that the subject is the very focus of his dissertation. Along with being in his final year of studies, Álvarez, who is pursuing a doctorate in education, also serves as the national vice president of […]

Empowering School Leaders: The Role of Leadership Academy in Accelerating Student Achievement

The Leadership Academy is designed for school leaders at all levels: principal, assistant principal, dean, instructional coach—essentially any educator who wants to grow their leadership capabilities to maximize their impact in accelerating student achievement. The program is grounded in a virtual cohort experience. Professional learning is focused on change management, strategic planning, leading effective adult […]