Accelerating the growth of current school principals 

Designed specifically for current principals to continue their full-time work in urban schools while getting customized advisory support to accelerate success

School principals who want to accelerate their students' academic growth now have a destination that provides mentorship, support, and access to our hall-of-fame faculty: The Accelerator.

The Accelerator is modeled after the boot-camp style approach from the technology sector that provides access to resources, experts, and individualized coaching and cohort problem solving, enabling current principals to achieve their goals quickly, then exceed them as they progress. The Accelerator provides:

  • An assessment of specific gaps
  • A custom strategic plan
  • Guided implementation
  • Access to a vast network of successful principals

What makes this even more compelling is that elite faculty comes to you and ensures effective implementation.


[Overall strengths were] the pacing, quality of presentation, networking/ collaborating and clear road map especially for a beginning principal.

- Jasmia Fowler, Principal, Catalyst-Maria High School (Chicago)

Creating the plan, schedule, calendar will really help me frame this entire school year in a more thoughtful manner.

- Menthia P. Bradley, Principal, Memphis Business Academy High School (Memphis)

Logistics of The Accelerator

  • Two-week bootcamp

  • Monthly office hours

  • Hall-of-Fame monthly speakers (including Ryan Fellows and Awardees)

  • Ongoing learning and customized support for 3 years

  • Expert resources for specific needs

The demands on a school leader are enormous and are only exceeded by the expectations placed on them. The needs of the children and the adults entrusted to a leader’s care are great, and traditional school leadership training often does not sufficiently provide the tools that are needed to get the job done. This is especially true for an urban educator stepping into leadership.  These are incredibly committed and daring leaders who provide a great and critical service to society, and they need and deserve relevant training and support as they go about their work.  The Principal Accelerator Program and the Ryan Fellowship does just that.  The program’s practical, evidence-based entrepreneurial leadership training followed by two years of mentoring and support sets a new leader on an success trajectory that traditional training programs often don’t do.

- Gordon Hannon, CEO, The Catalyst Schools

Accelerator principals across the United States 

Accelerate Institute has supported more than 30 principals through targeted region-based programming with the Accelerator. The Accelerator supports these principals for two years to ensure their success as transformational school leaders.


Catalyst Schools (Dawn Sandoval)
Catalyst—Circle Rock (Elizabeth Jamison-Dunn)
Catalyst—Maria Elementary (Tiffany Williams)
Catalyst—Maria High School (Jasmia Fowler)
CICS Chicago Quest (Ayanna Gore)
CICS Ralph Ellison (Dr. Kim Hinton)
Epic Academy (Matthew King)
Funston Elementary (Julie Hallums)
Perspectives Leadership Academy (Sarah Severson)
Richard T. Crane Magnet High School (Fareeda Shabazz)
Rowe Elementary (Tony Sutton)
St. Nicholas Cathedral (Anna Cirilli)
St. Procopius (Brian O’Rourke)
UCSN – Major Hector P. Garcia MD High School (Alex Rock)


Corning Achievement Elementary (Danielle Harris)
Fairley Elementary (Audrey Johnson)
Geeter Middle School (Lori Oduyoye)
Gestalt—Klondike Preparatory Academy (Jennifer Isom)
Gestalt—Power Center Academy (Carmen Coleman)
Jubilee Schools (Didier Aur)
Jubilee Schools (Daniel Salvaggio)
Jubilee Schools (Anna Rumfola)
Jubilee—Memphis Catholic (Kevin Kimberly)
Jubilee—St. Augustine (Kelsey Bourquin)
Jubilee—St. Joseph (Natalie Johnson)
Jubilee—St. Patrick Catholic School (Rhiannon Thomas)
Memphis Business Academy Elementary (Marsharee Shaw)
Memphis Business Academy High School (Menthia Clark)


Nativity Jesuit Academy (John Meuler)

St. Louis

KIPP Victory Academy Elementary (Jeremy Braun)